A new breeze and a courageous awakening.

I am really glad how the premiere "Khodorkovsky" went in Moscow.

It was a crazy experience, because of the emotional reactions i get.

People are loosing their fear, speak up and take the film as a catalyser to boost their own courage. Good, open discussions are starting. That was a phenomenal development, happening in front of my eyes. The country changed totally within a year, although some of my russian friends in exile do not believe in the possibility of change, but that is also typical russian, this melancholic resignation which befalls one so quickly.

Discussing with people after the film also about duma elections, the future was definitely seen in a different light.

The whole process of first accepting the film, then rejecting it and now accepting it again, but only AFTER Duma elections - this is getting close to becoming an absurd theatre. The same Danil Charms character did have yesterdays attempt to block the free flow of information:

Watching all those voting violations yesterday, i only shook my head, flabbergasted: with those DOS-attacks on all kremlin-critical webpages up until the minute the voting ballots were closed is a blatant and helpless attempt to regain control, they for ever lost their dignity and showed, that the sovereign system is everything but sovereign. The mask has been ripped off the beast - everybody is able to see now the truth. The questions stays only, if seeing clearly now, also emulates into action?!



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